About us

Il Borgo was conceived from the passion and fortitude of Luca and
Giovanna. On one hand, Giovanna is dedicated to the curation of every
small detail, while ensuring that the ethical pact with the customer is
always met. On the other hand, Luca takes care of the diner,
enlightening them of the founding themes of a dish, explaining what they
can be served that day and why.


Our restaurant

Il Borgo is nestled in the foundations of the largest manor in Sicily, in the heart of the historic centre of Caccamo. The property built in 1942 still retains original details dating back to its birth. One wall is shared with the castle itself, while the cool stone walls with the wooden furnishings communicate truly unique sensations to the diner.

Our passion

A cuisine based on Sicilian culinary traditions, with selective use of local and seasonal products, in order to create simple but authentic dishes. Bread, pasta and desserts are prepared by our staff with expertise and artistry.

Our team

Giovanna Porto e Luca Muscarella