Il Borgo restaurant and pizzeria rests at the feet of the Castello di Caccamo, nestling in its very foundations. Between the stone walls and
the wooden furnishings, you can embark on a journey in the name of Sicilian tradition. Its location and typical dishes, with a twist, allow for a
truly unique experience. Il Borgo proudly encompasses the way of Sicilian hospitality, one of presenting the warmest and most welcoming of atmospheres.

Our cuisine

Our dishes are born from the love for our land, for fresh and seasonal ingredients and for the recipes of the Sicilian tradition, some of which had almost been forgotten.

Our pizza

With mastery and experience, we blend only traditional Sicilian stone-ground durum wheat and sourdough. Then, slow maturation, according
to the finest millenary tradition of Sicily. With the all year-round sunshine, the result is a highly digestible dough that encases the unique flavour of Sicilian wheat.

Il Borgo

Ristorante • Pizzeria

A restaurant is a fantasy, a kind of living fantasy, in which diners are the most important members of the cast.

-Warner LeRoy-